Yusuf Boz

Said always shows dedication to his work and constant willingness to go above and beyond when it is needed. He has got a perfect breadth and depth of seeing the new business opportunities in different countries as he has lived in several countries in the world. He writes on several blogs and let us catch up with the business trends. He is the guy who must be followed and I believe you should have him as one your quality contact on Linkedin!
Yusuf Boz,
Managing Partner at PropertyTR

Iro Kasouni

Said Murat is a very ambitious and capable young man. He has a restless mind and soul, and always seeking for ways to improve and evolve personally and professionally. I admire his ability to adjust to all environments and challenges with great success! He is a hard worker, brilliant, clever and unstoppable! I am certain that we will hear many good news about his achievements in the future. I wish you all the best, Said. You are the best!

Iro Kasouni,
Entrepreneur - Greece & Sweden

Shavkat Emeleev

I know Said for more than 5 years, from the times when we first entered to one of our engineering classes. From that moment I could clearly see him as a leader. Besides the leadership skills he has been known for his punctuality and responsibility,  however as a human being he has also weakness which is – hardworking J  (I openly envy him  J)  Every time when I’m speaking with him, I’m getting inspired, and I’m sure that not only me. Thank you Said and Best of Luck!

Shavkat Emeleev,
Project Management Consultant

Erdem Alpay

I met with Said online while he was student in Poland. I immediately understood that he is good in his area. Then I worked with him 1 year at a private school in NJ, USA. He proved that he is a great talent in IT. I am following him as a friend of mine via social media and his web projects via online.

Said, I wish you luck in Brazil journey!

Erdem Alpay,
IT Manager, New Jersey

Lukas Jaglowski

I had the pleasure to be Said's instructor in English at Vistula University. He was always prepared for the lessons. He showed an unwavering capacity to learn, never backed down from a tough exercise and participated eagerly. I am happy to see that he has enjoyed the time we shared together in the classroom and wish him all the best in his professional and private pursuits. Thank you, Said!

Lukas Jaglowski,
Academic Teacher at Vistula University

Lindsay Macoy

I have had the pleasure of knowing Said Murat personally and professionally for two years. We worked together in New Jersey, USA. As a teacher, I often needed assistance with technology in my classroom. On top of running the robotics club and fixing a variety of problems throughout the school, Said was always willing to drop what he was doing and come help me with any problems I had. Not only was Said professional and courteous, but also a great friend. Without fail, he would tell me good morning and ask how I was doing every day. He is a truly caring person who puts others’ needs first. It is refreshing to work with someone so patient and thorough.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering Said for a position.

Lindsay Macoy,
Language Arts Teacher, New Jersey

Anish Dubey

I know Said academically and professionally for more than a year now. He is very hardworking and dedicated personality. He really likes to do what he is passionate about. I love the fact that he keeps on growing and learning new stuff.I am very sure that Said would be a great addition to any team or company. Good Luck Said! Go on! 

Anish Dubey,
New York

Ahmet Can

I have had the pleasure of knowing Said professionally and personally for more than two years. He never ceases to amaze me with the speed at which he tackles new projects and creates online content. Said is one of the most ambitious people I know and his entrepreneurial nature is highly evident. I was excited to see that he is the Brazilian ambassador for etohum, a highly respected accelerator and investor based in Turkey. I always look forward to reading his updates on his various social media postings and expect many good surprises from him in the future. He is definitely someone whom you want on your team.

Ahmet Can,
Entrepreneur and Startup Growth Catalyst, New Jersey

Ahmed Ghattas

Said Murat is a best friend of mine. I met him online more than five years ago. Said look like Godzilla startups market. He has been to Russia, Poland, United States and finally Brazil (for now, as I know). He always keep inspiring me through his amazing advices in the digital / startup field.  I do believe that Said will be one of the most powerful developers / CEO. Keep up your good work, Said! Go on! Never give up!

Ahmed Ghattas,
CTO at Terminus charge / .Net developer

Sam Wang

Said Murat is a best friend of mine, he spent all his lifetime on startup, always has a lot of passion and full of energy to achieve his target, also a very easy-going person to get along with. Good engineer should be balance between personal life and work, Said can set up a typical example. Said got strong technical and communication skills, I’m definitely sure he will be the next super star on startup field.

Go on Said! Go on!

Sam Wang,
Senior Engineer & iOS Team Leader at Migme

Khaled El Maghawry

I met Said online. He was a good mentor to me. Despite his limitless passion to Open Source and I am a .Net developer. But, he helped me a lot through his amazing advices. He always keep inspiring me. He's a hardworker and ambitious. I do believe that Said is one of the most successful developers I ever met.

Khaled El Maghawry,
Founder & Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Geeksday Ltd.

Funda Şen

Said always impresses me a lot with his amazing entrepreneur soul. I met him first time while he was studying Computer Engineering in Poland, years ago. After his professional experiences in Warsaw, he moved to the US for his graduate studies in New York. He is founder of several web projects and I follow him very closely. He continues being a light for the future’s entrepreneurs with making international networks. He started his career with computers when he was very young and now certified with several technologies such as Wordpress, Social Media Marketing, and Database Systems etc. He is interested in startups in at least five continents. He currently lives in Sao Paulo and discovers the country for us. Also, he is Etohum’s Brazil Ambassador to share all about Brazil with Turkish investors and entrepreneurs. Thank you Said, for your great effort in our sector. I adore you!
Funda Şen,
Founder of Wediacorp

Arif Erkol

When Kingdom of Poland’s ambassadors Gorani Skarbek and Armenian Gregorius walked in to the Ottoman Empire in 60 days, they would never imagine that we are able to reach and learn everything about Poland in 6 microseconds now, after 600 years. Congratulations to today’s modern ambassadors who are making bridges between two countries and I am proud of them, as they were students at our College in Warsaw.
Arif Erkol,
Chancellor at Vistula University in Warsaw

Ahamad Milazi

Said is not only a friend, a former college mate and a guide for my first month in a foreign country, but also my main mentor in blogging technologies. Said was always the main go to person when dealing with Internet Technologies and continues to be, in my humblest opinion, one of the most influential people on the web. Said was my first employer at AboutPoland.NET an English variant of Polonyadan.COM.

Ahamad Milazi,
Senior Software Engineer at Malawi Switch Centre (MALSWITCH)

Yavuz Han

The most important friend that I met at my college years and do business together. He started to write about Poland in Turkish on Polonyadan.com. I joined him later to the same project. He still runs successful business side for the Polonyadan.com.  During the time we worked together he made a big impact on project. Thanks for everything, brother. I hope we do more projects together.

Yavuz Han,
Co-Founder at Polonyadan.Com

Said Broud

Said has very strong analytical and people skills. He is driven and hardworking. I definitely see Said becoming a senior IT leader in the near future.

Said Broud,
Data Specialist at NYC Department of Education

Ewa Kurman

I wish your all life plans and ambitions come true! May you become a 2nd Bill Gates (and I will be proud I helped you at the beginning of your career!). Anyway, keep up your good work and have an enjoable and successful life! Best Wishes! Thank you, Said!
Ewa Kurman,
Said's first (English) teacher in Poland.

Dawid Wołosz

Thanks to Said's dedication and hard work, we were able to move our projects into new directions and expend our company portfolio by mobile solutions like responsive design and advanced HTML5/CSS3. During that time, he took a lot of initiative and team effort providing to be valued asset for our company. Thank you, Said!
Dawid Wołosz,
Project Manager at ProImagine

Piotr Kopeć

I can recommend Said Murat for any webmaster position you may be considering him for. During the time we worked together he made a big impact on our company's especially in mobile section. He created new web responsive templates and updated our existing projects with new HTML5/CCS3 styles. He was always ready to jump in anywhere we needed his help! Thank you, Said!
Piotr Kopeć,
Chairman at ProImagine/CodiLab

Prof Dr Ugur Ayan

I’m pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Said Murat. I was supervisor of him, while he was working on his engineering (undergraduate) thesis project. The title of his thesis was ‘Development of A Relational Database For Online Real Estate System’. We decided the title together and he completed this project on time very successfully. After this project, Mr. Said Murat has received substantial and professional support thanks to which he acquired knowledge and substantive competences as far as the following are concerned: PHP Programming Language, MySql Database, UML Diagrams, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, Photoshop, MAMP Manager, MySQL WorkBench, Apache Server, Software Engineering, Project Timing, Project Developing, Thesis writing. In Conclusion, I definitely recommend Said Murat, as a Computer Engineer. If you find a chance to work with him, just feel lucky with his ideas, views and skills which are getting better day after day, as I believe strongly.

Prof Dr Yusuf Ziya Özcan

I had some researches on the Internet once I was told that I am going to be Ambassador to Turkey in Poland. The first website that I found that news about my new destination was Polonyadan.Com. I am definitely following your posts, your projects. You answer all the questions that people might have about Poland and they don’t have any question marks anymore. As Turkish Embassy, we proudly can say that, we all support your projects. Thank you Said, thank you his team!
Prof Dr Yusuf Ziya Özcan,
Ambassador to Turkey in Poland