Everything We Know About The New MacBook Pro!

After thousands of years, finally, the New MacBook Pro is knocking our doors. We will do our best to tell you everything we know about the New MacBook Pro.

October 27, is one of the magic days in our century. MacBook Pro, stayed away too long from us, to release itself. Now, it’s our turn to say ‘Welcome’ to the New MacBook Pro with the thousands of new features.

It’s faster and more powerful than before, yet remarkably thinner and lighter. It has the brightest, most colorful Mac notebook display ever. And it introduces the Touch Bar — a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want, right when you want them. The new MacBook Pro is built on groundbreaking ideas. And it’s ready for yours.

Like the previous ones, for the New MacBook Pro also, Apple used aluminum cover & material. But, all the models are much thinner, lighter and smarter than the previous ones.


Touch Bar

xsrgackicl7ngxfojptoLike you all, I also have been waiting for this feature. Well, even if Apple loves to make us in shock with its features that using for the products, Touch Bar was the one that I was waiting for!

Yes, there is no functions keys anymore! Well, no need! OLED Touch Bar comes to color our Mac Life! It comes to control all the apps and softwares with the Retina technology.

One of the best features of the Touch Bar is that, you can customize it for your usage. All the apps will be working properly with the Touch Bar, after a while.



Touch ID

Well, Apple was ‘little’ too late to release this feature. However, hopefully, it comes with a good and useful function. What I like about the Touch ID that even if you have several accounts on your MacBook Pro, you can sign in with your Touch ID to which one you like to. That’s cool!


Apple Pay

Online payment systems come over to your fingers. This feature will be one of the most popular ones for the future. But, Europe is not ready for it yet. However, USA, is already stable for the Apple Pay. Thanks to the Touch ID, you can buy and pay with your fingers. We can’t wait to see how it works.

The brightest, most colorful Mac notebook display ever.

The new display in the MacBook Pro is the best ever in a Mac notebook. It features brighter LED backlighting and an increased contrast ratio, delivering deeper blacks and brighter whites. Its larger pixel aperture and variable refresh rate make it more power efficient than previous generations. And it’s the first Mac notebook to support wide color, for even more vibrant greens and reds. This ensures truer-to-life pictures with realistically vivid details, essential for graphic design, color grading, and editing.j5pg8nlnmgdgfy1srv9w

Thunderbolt 3 – The most powerful and versatile port ever.

Thunderbolt 3 combines ultra-high bandwidth with the ultra-versatility of the USB-C industry standard to create one revved-up universal port. It integrates data transfer, charging, and video output in a single connector, delivering up to 40 Gbps of throughput for twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 2. And both sizes of MacBook Pro are available with four ports, so you can do all that from either side. Existing devices are easily connected with a cable or adapter. And Thunderbolt 3 is reversible, so no matter how you plug in, it’s always right side up.


More responsive keyboard. More expansive trackpad.

Interacting with the new MacBook Pro is a better experience all around. The keyboard has been redesigned to include our new, second-generation butterfly mechanism — meticulously refined for greater comfort and responsiveness. And the Force Touch trackpad is significantly larger, giving your fingers more room to gesture and click.


System & Prices!

Well, it’s better to see this section below, the screenshot from the Apple’s page. It shows all the system properties with the prices that you want to know.



Yes, we have reached to the final. This is obvious that the new MacBook Pro is the best ones in its segment. There might be some negative points of this product, yes. However, thanks to its great features, we are not able to see the negative ones.

Thank You, Steve… Thank You, Tim… Thank You, Apple, … and your awesome team…


Stay Awesome!


Said Murat
Computer Engineer
Technology Editor


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