The Bridge between Brazil and Turkey!

Brezilyadan.Com is one of the most popular portals about Brazil in Turkish by its daily hits. We do our best to be a bridge between both countries.

We have launched the Brezilyadan only few months ago, on August 2016. However, it’s already one of the most popular portals about Brazil. We are trying to reach every single details we can find for Turkish inventors who are looking for information about Brazil.

What is it based on?
We share all about Brazil. Topics are mostly about Tourism and Business. However, we have many useful articles and reviews for Turks who currently live in Brazil or planning to come here soon.

We might have similar platform in other languages too. Just for now, we are doing our best to reach entrepreneurs and inventors from both countries, Turkey and Brazil.

Thanks a lot for your supports! Stay with us! Keep in touch!

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