Why do they unfollow you on Instagram?

As I’m Social Media Marketing certified, mostly I do my best to focus on my projects related to social media platforms. However, I had been waiting for the right time to share this with you all. Yes, why do they, your followers, leave you on Instagram?

I can count many reasons on this. But, I am going to mention only few of them until you say ‘wow! That’s right!’.

I remember about it today, because of an Instagram account makes me feel nervous with its posts.

If you have a project or a company, be careful with your posts on any social media platform (especially on Instagram). Whatever you do on your profile, please do not share over two posts on Instagram in an hour. Instagram users, in any country, hate to see same posts from the same company more than twice. We check our Instagram app to see something new. When we see duplicated posts, it makes us(users) nervous. It is reality.

Famous social media experts also say do not post on Instagram more than twice in a day. Believe me, people get bored so fast with duplicated shares.

I will be writing more on Social Media Marketing