Let’’s Go! Slovakia –- Bratislava

While I was living in Poland, I visited one of my friends in Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia. Now, I would love to share with you, what I learnt from that trip.

Slovakia… It’’s a country in Central Europe… Bratislava’’s architecture smells both Communism and Central Europe. You are going to feel it in deep.

The country, Slovakia, does not have border to any sea. However, there are some neighbors such as Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. We just passed the Poland-Slovakia border by our car and spent a great day in Bratislava.


The first destination is Old Town, for those who get the city. Yes, the ‘Old Town’ is a traditional place for Central and East European countries. Besides visiting the place for touristy purposes, Old Town is known as center of the city. Your tour in Bratislava might take few hours by walking.

Places you have to see!
Town Hall, ST.Michaels Gate, Trinity Church, Presidential Palace, Slovakian National Theatre, Blue Church, Bratislava Castle, Eurovea and St.Martins Cathedral

Slovakia is a member of many international organizations such as NATO, UN, OECD and WTO. After the joining to European Union, currency of Slovakia is jumped to Euro.

Old Town, Bratislava Main Square
Old Town, Bratislava Main Square

How to get?
We recommend you SkyScanner.Com to find the best way to get there. Sure, unless you are enough close to drive.

If you make some plans to visit Bratislava, I definitely recommend you to add few cities or even countries more to your plans. Bratislava will not take much time of you and I’m pretty sure you can find time for other beautiful cities as well.

We say “Let’’s Go!”. Stay tuned on!